Top Women’s Websites

1950's housewife_with_shopping_net,_1950sI was looking for a place to write a blog to promote my new book, and so turned to Forbes list of the 100 best websites for women.   If you are wondering why women have not reached parity with men in the workplace, you need not look much farther than this list.  The websites are mostly produced by women for women, but the titles of the websites alone suggest that women don’t take themselves seriously.  And the content suggests we’re still living in the 1950’s.  Here’s a sampling of the top websites for women according to Forbes:

Babble (Not so bad when I found out it was aimed at Mom’s)


City Girl Confidence (Could you imagine a website called City Boy Confidence?)

Corporette – Fashion, lifestyle and career advice for overachieving chicks. (The feature story today was about a secret sale at Nordstrom)

DianeGottsman, Modern manners and etiquette expert. (Feature story today – Nine Ways to Pumpkin Spice Your Office)

Frustrated, I stopped searching.  But, the girly names and topics for women’s interest sites aren’t just limited to the web.  The original publisher of my book was skirt!  (the exclamation point is not mine, it’s actually part of the publisher’s name).  I appreciate all the hard work of the employees at skirt!, but am relieved that my new publisher has a less embarrassing name.  Could you imagine a publisher of books of interest to men called Pants!?

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