Recent Appearances And Media

Recent Speaking Engagements:

AWAR Law Firm Event “Women in the Law: Leveling the Playing Field” – Invited Keynote Speaker.

Western Psychological Association (WPA): Distinguished Speaker Keynote, “Sex and the Office, Problems and Solutions”

Process Driven Trading, “From Wall Street to Academia: What I’ve Learned About Sex and the Office.”

And… Sony Pictures, Southern California Edison, Dress For Success, The Rotman Initiative For Women In Business and more…

Print Media Interviews:

Compensation Bias is Bad For Business, Here’s How To Fix It, MIT Sloan Management, 4/17/2019

When the glass ceiling won’t break The Real Deal Magazine, 1/1/2018

#MeToo No More US News & World Report, 12/4/2017

4 Ways to Curtail Sexual Harassment in the Entertainment Workplace Hollywood Reporter, 10/18/2017

Fear of gossip and scandal may keep women out of top jobs The Times (London) 10/14/17

Harvey Weinstein and the seeming intractability of the ‘open secret’  AirTalk on NPR’s KPCC 10/12/17

Not just Harvey Weinstein: The depressing truth about sexual harassment in America  Washington Post 10/12/17

When it’s hard for women to find male mentors  The Atlantic 8/22/17

Why do women bully each other at work?  The Atlantic 9/2017

It’s not just Mike Pence, Americans are wary of being alone with the opposite sex.  New York Times 7/1/17

Mike Pence won’t dine alone with a woman who’s not his wife. Is that sexist?  The Los Angeles Times 4/5/17

How Pence’s dudely dinners hurt women The Atlantic 3/30/2017

Barbie breaks the mold with ethnically diverse dolls The Los Angeles Times 1/28/2016

The invisible force holding back women at work Ozy 1/10/2016

How sexual harassment training hurts women The Los Angeles Times 10/9/2015